Dan's Testimonial-

Working out efficiently and effectively has always been a difficult challenge for me. Before starting Crossfit, I would dabble in the gym and focus mostly on running. I had participated in gym classes before, but always felt uncomfortable or bored. Crossfit with its unique blend of cardio, strength, and gymnastic workouts are the perfect combination for me. However, once you learn the routines, it is possible to do a lot of them at home. What I love about Cyn Gym Crossfit is that it gives me a reason to show up to the gym. It is a healthy competitive atmosphere, where I am competing against myself and being inspired by what others are doing. Everyone from the coaches to the other gym members rally around each other. The coaches are exceptional. They provide great teaching and encouragement. As I try to navigate new moves, they are there to help.

I am stronger now than I have ever been. I have begun to tone muscles that I did not know I have. I am more confident when lifting weights. My half marathon times have improved. I am able to do things that I never thought I could do. Crossfit is challenging, but anything worth doing is. Anyone considering or interested in doing Crossfit, please strongly consider Cyn Gym Crossfit. You will not regret it! 

Dan Blocker, PhD LMFT
Director of Behavioral Health
Pomona Valley Family Medicine Residency


Ariel's Testimonial-

When I first started at Cyn Gym I was extremely hesitant. I was the type that was content doing my workout DVD’s at home on my own. The thought of going to a gym, especially a Crossfit gym, was very intimidating to me. I knew I wouldn’t know how to do most of the movements and had never really lifted weights before. My husband, Chris, finally convinced me to try it and I am so grateful he did. It has been such a great experience and I have done things I never knew I was capable of. Within the first year I got into the best shape I have ever been in.

The coaches are amazing and have been instrumental in my journey at Cyn Gym. Cyn, Leanne, and Stephanie, who are typically the coaches in our morning class, are so involved and are always there to help correct my form and give me tips on how to improve certain movements.

I have been prone to tweaking my back for various reasons and any time I irritate it they really work with me. They are so attentive to make sure that I don’t make the injury worse, while figuring out exercises I can do in order to get a good workout in and strengthen my back in the process. 

They were also very involved when I was pregnant with my daughter. As soon as Cyn knew I was pregnant she and the other coaches would monitor me during the workouts, making sure I wasn’t overdoing it and being safe in my movements. Over the next few months they would let me know when it was time to modify movements, while still getting a solid workout in. This was so important for me because I knew continuing to workout during the pregnancy would keep me motivated, help me during my labor, and also during my recovery process after. With the encouragement and guidance I was able to workout the entire pregnancy, even being a week overdue!

My labor and delivery was quick and smooth and I truly believe its because I worked out my entire pregnancy. I was able to get back in the gym about six weeks later and slowly but surely I am working back to where I was pre-pregnancy.

I have loved my experience at Cyn Gym over the last two and half years and can’t imagine going back to my home workouts. The energy I get being at the gym with the awesome coaches and great friends makes all the difference!


Lou and Cynthia's Testimonial

It all began spring of 2008, when we gave birth to our first son. We thought... ah, we can eat whatever we want... Mom & Dad are not here to tell us “No! That’s bad for you” so the days turned into nights and we had our second son in 2009... this went  on. Lou and I would eat burgers with fries and a large soda (for each) in the middle of the night. Chips with sour cream followed by a iced cold beer. Sit on the couch and watch a movie. Ahhh those where the most awesome nights. Hanging out with your spouse after work, after a hectic day with the kids. Then my youngest son was born in 2013. Lou and I had no energy fatigue all the time. We didn’t take the kids to the park we didn’t play outside with them. Until one day... my oldest son said to us “Mom & Dad why are you always watching movies & never play with us outside?”

Lou and I kinda dismissed the question... But we didn’t forget. Then a close friend of mine, would tell me about this awesome Gym that she absolutely loved. And I said ah what the heck let me give it a try. It’s all the same anyway! Lol


I drove to Cyngym, nervous as heck. Not knowing anyone. Contemplating if I should get out of the car and be brave. So I decided to walk in. To my surprise... Everyone, I mean EVERYONE at the gym as I walked in they all greeted me with Respect and as if they all knew me. I loved that and I was immediately hooked! 


The coach for the Day was the owner Cynthia Truax, she is amazing! I’ve been to other gyms... some are snobby, the owner of my previous gym, was eating chips and drinking soda while I was working out. Not Cynthia... She is a true champion and I am honored to learn from the best!


If you’ve signed up to a gym. But never went because you don’t know how to use the machines or what to do. That you walk out continue to pay and never go then Cyngym is the way to go.


So this is us then & now 10 months with Cyngym Lou & Cynthia shedding off some serious inches & getting stronger... EVERYDAY!


December 06, 2017


I've been at CynGym for almost three years now and I feel like it's about time I wrote down some of the things that make this place great. 

I moved to California in June of 2012 for a job and a change of scenery, I really didn't realize how hard it would be to start over at 35 years old, not in terms of finances but the social aspect, i have always been somewhat introverted and scared to try new things. after being here for almost nine months i was just about to give up and go "home" as i still had made very few friends and my social life was pretty much non existent. I had a gym membership to L.A. Fitness and I went regularly but just like everyone else I was perfectly content with my headphones in not looking at anyone and everyone minding their own business. i wasn't progressing at all and had pretty much been at the same level for years. I kept seeing CrossFit Bumper stickers on cars in the area and all i really knew about it was that it was group workouts that were pretty intense; I did an internet search of CrossFit Gyms in my area and found several but the closest one was CynGym. i sent an email to contact Cyn looking for prices and she insisted that I come and try it out to see if it was even something i would be interested in doing. 
I arrived to the Gym a little early, I was scared to death as i really had no idea what i was in for, i waited in the parking lot for a few minutes before walking in. I started to see people walking in these people were all in better shape than me..way better! this only added to my anxiety, what was i thinking?!? i almost drove away, but somehow i talked myself through the door. Cyn approached me and started telling me some of what we were going to do that day, most of it left me with a dumb look on my face as i had never heard of these things..what was a Power Snatch? Clean and Jerk? By the time we finished the WOD I was a little more relaxed and relieved...WOOT WOOT I survived!! Cyn asked what i thought and if i wanted to do it again, we immediately scheduled for the next day. 
About a year later I had an injury that kept me out of the gym for a while, and to be honest I may not have gone back at all had Cyn not texted me to tell me we could work around the problem. i remember thinking that "she didn't have to do that" I was under contract she could take my money and never think twice about it. It was in that moment that I realized that Cyn truly cares about helping people reach their potential and not collecting a paycheck. CynGym has made me a better person in more ways than one, it has made me stronger physically than i have ever been in my life and also changed my mentality towards other people, I get as excited for my friends when they hit a PR as I would if I had hit it myself! I've never been a part of a group of people so motivating and inspiring. From coach to member; every person there is committed to doing their best and pushing you to do yours. it is a true team and family effort. 

Walking through that door was the best decision I have ever made in my life and I am immensely grateful for the chance to be part of the CynGym family.         

- Josh Eddins                     


Hello, my name is Ernie and this is my Cross Fit story.  

   When I was 21 years old, I suffered a major back injury at work.  When I woke up the next day, I was pretty sore. I just figured it was a pinched nerve or something and it would pass just like everything else. After about 2 weeks of working in my condition, it got to the point to where I could barely walk. I went to my doctor and he gave me some medication and told me that it was a bulging disc and that it would get better with rest. After a couple weeks of that, I got an M.R.I. and found that I had 2 degenerated discs. I had the “back of an 85 year old brick layer” according to my neurosurgeon. I had 2 discs removed and a “ray cage” installed to replace the bad discs.  
   It was about 9 months from the time of my injury to the time of my surgery and by that time I only had about 50% feeling in my right leg from the knee down. After the surgery, I felt like I had to learn how to walk all over again. Glad to say, I was walking and approved for light work duty 2 weeks after the surgery.  
   Once I was fully recovered, I still had back and leg pain, but it was manageable and I spent the next 13 years managing the pain. I gained about 80lbs. during that time. I had a gym membership and went for a few weeks to a month or so at a time, but I never really got into it. It was mostly boring cardio on an elliptical or sitting on a weight machine, playing with my iPod. 
   Last March, my wife and I met Carlos (one of the trainers) at a restaurant and he told us about Cross Fit. I had never heard of it, but I was immediately intrigued. He described the classes and how everyone does the same work out together. I went that next Wednesday and have been going ever since. 
   Since I joined Cyn Gym just about a year ago, I have lost over 25lbs. I have also built muscle throughout my whole body. My back and leg pain is a distant memory and I have never felt as strong or as healthy as I do now. I love the heavy lifting and with the direction of Cynthia and all of the awesome trainers at Cyn Gym, I have excelled further and faster than I ever thought that I could have. I have met so many inspirational people there in the last year and I see their progress which only motivates me that much more.         
  -Ernie Hooke   

Two months ago my mom finally let me go to CynGym CrossFit after begging her for about two summers.  I used to be the girl in soccer who you could just push right off the ball.  When I started CrossFit, I had to use the PVC bar and I was kinda upset but I listened to my Aunt Cyn and now I know all the lifts so I actually use a barbell with plates!  After about three weeks I could see a difference when I was out on the field, I could run faster and push other people off the ball.  Now parents come up to my mom and dad and ask them what I've been doing to do so good.  Just last week, I got my Toes to Bar and I was so excited.  I had to take it easy the first couple of weeks cause I didn't know any of the lifts, but now I'm doing almost everything.  I have Osgood Schlatters and I would run weird but after doing CrossFit I can't feel my knees hurting anymore.  I thought my whole life I would be a little twig but I'm slowlyyyyyyy starting to get some muscle!  CynGym CrossFit has not only helped me with my coordination but also my short distance running and I absolutely love how now on the field I can out run a player!!

By:  Sophie Jones
12 years old
CynGym CrossFit Member

I first came to Cyn Gym Crossfit in October, 2012. On that day:  I weighed 260-270 pounds. (I don’t know my exact weight because I hated weighing myself.)  I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol.  My back hurt, My knees hurt when sitting.  (I’m guessing poor circulation.) I was constantly hungry.  (I rarely felt satiated and I was constantly irritable because I didn’t feel good. I felt like I couldn’t stop gaining weight. (Exercise and dieting were for slowing down my inevitable weight gain.)  It was really hard to find motivation to exercise. (I was no longer on a competitive team and I felt like there was no reason to do a really challenging workout.)  Clothes had become really hard to shop for. (The Big & Tall store had become a serious option.)  Ater 6 months of being at Cyn Gym (It’s now April, 2013): I weigh 196 pounds!  All my blood work is excellent! No more pre-diabetes or high cholesterol!  No more back or knee pain!  My appetite is substantially curbed. (I eat like a little old man now.J)Pictures and mirrors don’t scare me anymore.J Being motivated to exercise isn’t difficult anymore. Cyn Gym has great trainers and a great community!  It’s fun to go clothes shopping because now I’m sexy! (At least my wife thinks so.J) A heartfelt thank you to all the trainers at Cyn Gym for your dedication and support: Cynthia, Mike, Leanne, Kendall, Carlos and Cassie. Also, to the entire Cyn Gym community. Without you guys, I’d probably just sleep in most days.  


“In the morning we wake up, we leave our home and go to school or work. It becomes easy to get bored or frustrated as life just sort of moves along day after day. I think it’s important in life to have something to fight for, no matter where we find ourselves. Cyn Gym is a special place because we’re all in here fighting. Fighting together and fighting to make ourselves the best we can be.”         -Jurelle Bartolome


 The coaches at Cyn Gym are incomparable. Not only do they ensure you are learning the proper form and technique to prevent injuries, they continue to encourage you to do your best. The coaches teach the classes with so much enthusiasm and positive energy that it is contagious during the class. Everybody in that box/gym is very supportive of each other regardless of the skill level.

Although I still go to Crossfit with a little feeling of nervousness and fear, I know that I can get through that hour and finish with a renewed sense of confidence and success. Not only has Crossfit helped me be stronger than I was one year ago, it has given me an inner strength and confidence I never knew existed within me. “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Thank you, Cyn, Leanne, Kendall, and Mike!




 Dear Cyn,

For the past year and 3 months that I have been a regular three times a week WOD participant of your crossfit box, I have been inspired, encouraged, motivated, excited and more in love with being athletic and physical fitness.  I have been in group fitness since 2003 through LA Fitness where I consistently went to group classes 4-5 days week.  I also tried personal training with LA Fitness and got some results.  Prior to joining CynGym – for about a year I was running and working out up to 6 days a week after my second baby was born but my body was not returning to its pre-baby shape.  I want to thank you for reaching out and inviting me to check out your box/gym.  Within a period of 9 months of joining CynGym I have been able to get back into my pre-baby clothes and my body continues to become stronger.  

Ralph Waldo Emerson says that a man is known by the books he reads, by the company he keeps, by the praise he gives, by his dress, by his tastes, by his distastes, by the stories he tells, by his gait, by the motion of his eye, by the look of his house, of his chamber; for nothing on earth is solitary, but everything hath affinities infinite. This quote really resonates within the CynGym Crossfit community. The community – comprises of people from different walks and seasons of life.  I work out with teenagers all the way up to people in their 60s. I am encouraged and humbled by each and every one of them because I know we are all there for the same reasons – to become a better version of ourselves.

Reasons I love CYNGYM Crossfit.
•    Each time I come in the workout programming is different – I’ve never been bored.
•    The 60 minutes you are there is action packed with cardio, strength and core training
•    Great certified Coaches and inspiring examples.  Not only do they encourage but they actually do the workouts, create proper modifications for individuals and keep you safe.
•    The gym and equipment are clean and kept in great working order.
•    Not only do I get the one on one personal training, I also get the friendly push from my workout buddy that if I want to stop – I look over and notice that the person older than me is still going therefore I should too.
•    I always leave with a smile on my face, skip in my step and statement in my head “so glad I went”.  
•    I see the results in how my clothes fit and milestones I reach.

And the number one reason, Cynthia Truax! If you are the company you keep, she has cloned herself with her coaches. I will be a better person because of knowing her and her team. I encourage you all to spend a little time investing in yourself and allow Cynthia to transform you.  You will experience that she wants you be the best you can be in the way she talks, how she handles herself and situations, the information she gives and how she shares herself with others.  She is awe inspiring, ever encouraging and completely supportive of my life-time goal of “what can I do each day to become a better version of myself?”  I believe every day is a step towards a lifetime journey of change for the better in all areas. I firmly believe that the benefits I get working out with the wonderful individuals at CynGym Crossfit transfers over to my personal, professional, spiritual and emotional well-being.  



Unexpectedly awesome hike today.

I was going to do a nice flat out and back to Sapphire Falls, but the easy trail is blocked by private property now so I had to go up another way. I decided to go up the hill to the right instead of left towards the falls.

I found myself having to either scramble up the hill to make it to the path on the back side going back down or go back the way I came. Of course I climbed the hill.

Halfway up the scramble I thought to myself how I wouldn't have been able to do this a year ago. I wouldn't have made it up the truck trail to the hill in the first place.

I looked at my legs under me and I trusted them. I trusted that anything I put in front of myself to do I could. There could be cursing and sweat and dirt on my hands, but I had the drive to commit to that climb.

And when I sat by myself at the top I couldn't be more thankful for all the steps a year ago that got me there. All the people that supported me and even the ones that called me ridiculous. It wasn't just about how different I looked; it was about how different I felt.

I thank my friends for introducing me to Paleo/Primal living. I thank Cynthia for making CynGym CrossFit a place where I can learn how to trust my body and fight. Thank you LeAnne, Mikey, Kendall and Sarah for every "get deeper in the squat" and "keep your elbows tight".

In the next year you'll find me on top of a few more mountains, running new races, lifting heavier things over my head and loving it all!

-Chrisina P


A Husband and Wife testimonial...Yes, that is right...they train together!!!

Mike and LeAnne are two of my most favorite people.  They are unbelievable spirits and constantly strive to be the best they can be in everything they do (from parenting and volunteering in the community to competing in triathlons and the CrossFit Games!). 

Mike has trained hard for Triathlons for the last 10 years.  He choose that sport because he felt it would allow him to achieve elite fitness.  And although it is true, he would be considered "fit" in the majority of the community, it wasn't until I challenged him with CrossFit that he was able to make unbelievable fitness changes!  In six months, he dropped body fat, increased muscle mass, improved his run/bike/swim times and strength dramatically without riding a bike, swimming or dauntless hours of running the pavement.  CrossFit's protocol for functionality, variance and intensity has helped Mike finally hone in on what elite fitness is and has allowed him to become one of the most "fit" guys I know!!

LeAnne's previous training routine consisted of going to a global gym and it was there that she developed a love for step aerobics.  She even went as far as becoming a step instructor because she enjoyed it so much.  However over time, her knees and ankles started to really bother her and she felt as if she was getting nowhere with fitness gains and weight control.  LeAnne and I have been friends forever and she knew I was a CrossFit trainer, so she thought she would come give it a try.  Just like Mike, LeAnne reached unbelievable goals in six months!  Her joint pain dissipated, her muscle/strength dramatically improved and the weight shed off her (and still is).  The changes in LeAnne are so drastic that she decided she wanted to help everyone achieve elite fitness. In March, LeAnne became a CrossFit level 1 trainer and is currently the most amazing coach we have at Cyn Gym!!

These pictures speak a thousand words...