Cassie Fix

I have been involved with sports since I was 3 years old. I Played club soccer in my younger years and varsity soccer through high school. I absolutely loved the competition aspect of the sport. Unfortunately, I got injured and had to stop playing which made me miserable. It was not until Cynthia (my mother) decided to open a CrossFit gym that I became interested in weight lifting, gymnastics, and functional movement. I was only doing CrossFit about three times a week for about two years and then my husband and I found out I was pregnant. I continued my three times a week to stay as healthy as possible for me and my daughter while I was pregnant. I had my daughter in January of 2013. I immediately went back to working out three weeks after. I started to work out six days a week and I was absolutely loving how healthy and fit I felt. I knew I wanted to be able to raise my daughter myself and not have to send her to a day care. My mom had asked me if I was interested in getting my CrossFit Level 1 Cert to start coaching. This helped me be able to raise my daughter and do what I loved to do every day. I did not hesitate and started studying the next day and got my CF Level 1 Cert in March 2013. Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant again this time I was in the gym six days a week and doing some double days with the athletes trying to prepare for competitions coming up. I had hit all new personal records and was building a lot of strength. While I was getting farther along in the pregnancy, I was modifying as necessary while still pushing as much as possible and continuing to stay safe. I had my son September 2014 and was back in the gym 2 weeks later doing pvc work and riding the airadyne bike. I’m coaching athletes, working out six times a week, raising my kids and loving every minute. CrossFit has changed my entire life for the better. My husband and I workout together, coach together, and set PR’s next to one another. We want to show our children what hard work, dedication, and respect can do. My daughter loves coming to the gym to play with her gym friends and do their Version of a WOD. CrossFit has taught not only me but my entire family a healthy life style.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
CPR Certified