6:45am           WOD*
8:00am           WOD*
8:30am WOD* WOD* WOD* WOD* WOD*  
9:45am WOD* WOD* WOD* WOD* WOD*  
3:30pm   OpenGym**    OpenGym**    
4:30pm WOD*   WOD* WOD* WOD*   WOD*  
5:45pm WOD*    WOD*  WOD*  WOD*  WOD*  


*The Workout of the day (WOD) focuses on diverse, high intensity, functional movements. Intensity and movements are scaled to each athlete's level so that the individual can sustain good form and proper technique.

**OPEN GYM is a format where members can work on any skill, lift or movement that they want. Members can also choose to do the WOD but this is not a class in which the Coach leads the group. Coaches will be on hand for any questions or help and the class is one hour in duration.

***The "Interactive Class" is a format where the Coach will lead by example.  He/she will be a part of the workout to create intensity and early morning camaraderie while at the same time give feedback and coaching tips.  The class will include the workout for the day.