My love affair with fitness started 30 years ago.  I was 17 when my dad took me to his gym, Jack LaLanne, and signed me up!  Ever since then I have been addicted to exercise and the way it makes me feel!  I started with the standard Back and Bi's, Chest and Tri's that everyone did back then and slowly worked my way into the "Jane Fonda" aerobic room.  After multiple high kicks and arm circles, I decided to get my AFAA Group Exercise Certification so I could teach aerobics.  In 1994, I began teaching group fitness at LA Fitness and continued down the path of broadening my Exercise Science Education.  In 2000, I became an AFAA certified personal trainer and in 2003 an ACE personal trainer.  In the end, I taught group exercise for 17 years.

In 2007, everything started to change for me.  I needed to re-evaluate what I was doing.  I  felt lost and confused about what to do with the education and certifications that I had obtained.  I did not want to become just another silly Global Gym  "professional counter" personal trainer!  I knew there had to be more to it!  What about intensity, what about cross-training, what about giving the middle finger to the standard Back and Bi's, Chest and Tri's workout days???  Then a friend of mine told me about CrossFit!  What was this amazing grassroots movement that was so "kick ass" hard that it made me smile every time I experienced it??  Could this be real...something more than just counting to ten...something that created amazing results in half the time...something that made my body completely change after 17 years of minimal change...YES, IT COULD BE REAL AND IT IS CROSSFIT!!!

In 2008, I decided to get serious about CrossFit and bring it to my community of friends and family so I set my sights on opening a garage gym.  I did not want to just "wing it" so I spent the next year completing multiple certifications, CrossFit Courses and seminars while my husband and I worked hard to build the best darn Garage Gym around.  I heavily relied on the CrossFit Journal to help build my gym.  From home made Box jumps, to lengthy discussions about pull up bar diameters...I ultimately found everything I needed through CrossFit!  On June 10, 2009 my dream became a reality...I opened "Cyn Gym" and I trained my first client.  It was an amazing experience however I knew immediately that it was just the beginning!  By month two, I started group classes and my entire home was taken over.  I had wall ball shots on the side of my house, a remodeled garage complete with rowers, med balls, dumbbells, barbells, pull up bars, AbMats, etc.  I had horse stall mats lined down my driveway for clients to drop their bars on...I had a 400 Meter, 800 Meter and 1 mile run mapped out through the side streets...It was official...We had taken over the neighborhood!!!

By 2010, my neighbors had enough!  Parking became a big concern and the grunting coming from my house could wake the dead!  I had to move on, but there were many obstacles in my way...I could not conduct business at my house any longer and expect to stay civil with my neighbors and I could not afford to move on.  I decided the best thing would be to try to find an affiliate nearby that I could get to know and trust so my clients would have a place to go and not have to find something new on their own.  On October 1, 2010, I merged my clients to a local Affiliate and became a trainer there.  As time went on, it was apparent that my salary was a little more than they were comfortable with paying and I was really struggling with being a business owner one day and hired help the next.  The hardest part was that I had to coach the workouts exactly how they programmed them.  Although I agree completely with this business practice, not being able to program is what ultimately caused me to move on.  I love to is what I do best.  Besides actually doing the workouts, the best part about my job is evaluating the WOD of the day and determining:

  • What the warm up should be
  • How the structure of the group should work
  • What skill work is needed
  • Who needs to scale exercises and who doesn't (and how both can work together at the same time)
  • If the WOD is one that a person could go up in weight or down in scaling if he/she is ready
  • If the WOD is short and the class is an hour, what the finisher should be
  • Mobility concerns and working on flexibility issues

The list goes on and on...

On January 1, 2011, I terminated employment and developed a plan to move forward with re-opening Cyn Gym.  I purchased equipment, found a warehouse, marketed, advertised, built, painted, cried, laughed, and somehow managed to open the doors to Cyn Gym again on February 1, 2011.  Then in October of 2011, I decided I was finally prepared to apply for CrossFit Affiliation.  The reason this process took so much time is because I do not believe that merely becoming an Affiliate gives you the right to coach responsibly.  I believe Affiliation means that you have taken the time to be acquainted through study and experience...That you are knowledgeable and skilled and that you have a deep love for people and want to empower them to not just live, but to THRIVE.  On November 25, 2011 Cyn Gym was approved for affiliation by CrossFit and we changed our name to Cyn Gym CrossFit!

The coaches at Cyn Gym CrossFit truly care about what they are doing for people!  They are responsible, genuine and gosh darn fun!  We are different from other gyms in this way...It is not about just doing the mainsite WOD here, it's about working as hard as you can with as much heart as you got, with people you adore and respect!!!

I wrote this not too long ago and it seemed appropriate to add as an ending sentiment...

Why I love CrossFit!!

As I sat and listened in Yoga class today, the instructor began by telling the class why Yoga is good.  She said that it centered her, that if she didn't do it for a few days she felt "off", edgy and not in tune with her body.  She said that Yoga created an inner peace by which she lived by and that she could not live without it and I realized at that moment that CrossFit is for me, what Yoga is to her.  She additionally went on to say that in Yoga you do not compete with is an independent journey and you should not be concerned about what the person next to you is doing.  At first, my competitive side reared up and I thought "You do not have to compete in CrossFit either, you can do your own thing!!!"...  But then I concluded that it is the competition factor that builds our community.  I try every day to beat my "brothers  and sisters" at the gym and it is this competition that makes us family.  I look at their times and weights and if their numbers reflect a bad day, I am on the phone making sure everything is OK and if it is not, than what can I do to help!  Because we compete, we have a deep sense of closeness with one another and it is for this reason that I love CrossFit so much!  It is not an independent journey for is a community of people working together to reach amazing goals and accomplishments!

3, 2, 1, GO!!!!

Cynthia Truax